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Product and Process

The raw materials used for Ready mixed Concrete viz. cement, sand, coarse / fine aggregates, admixtures and water are mixed at a centrally located computer controlled batching plant that monitors weigh-batching, water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, moisture content, etc. with precision to produce the Readymix Concrete.
The plant is capable of programming multiple types of mixes for producing different grades of concrete both automatically and manually.
Readymix Concrete is then transported to the site in transit mixers, in plastic condition, without affecting the composition. Transit mixers are trucks fitted with rotating drums for carrying Readymix Concrete. The capacity of the transit mixer is 7m3 and Neptune has enough number of such mixers.
At the construction site , the Readymix Concrete is placed by pumping with concrete pumps which can pump upto 300 m horizontally and 70 m vertically (i.e upto 20 floors), and @ 35 Cum/hr of concrete. This facility equips Neptune to deliver its Readymix Concrete to places which are otherwise difficult, time consuming and expensive to deliver.
Apart from the normal Readymix Concrete, Neptune has developed competencies to manufacture and deliver different value-added concrete products like Colored and Textured Concrete, Fibre Reinforced Concrete, High Performance Concrete etc. The details are given below.

Coloured and Textured Concrete

FiberCrete Fibre Reinforced Concrete
ImpriCrete Decorative Concrete
LiteCrete Light Weight Concrete
NatureCrete Pervious Concrete
ProCrete Workability Retaining Concrete
SelfCrete Cohesive Flowable Concrete
SelfCrete+ Self Compacting Concrete
TempCrete Temperature Controlled Concrete

Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Millions of virgin Polypropylene Fibres uniformly distributed in all directions throughout the concrete mix:

Inhibit plastic shrinkage cracks
Increase abrasion resistance
Reduce permeability
Increase impact resistance
Increases flexural strength
Typical applications: pavements areas and floors, roads and highways, airport runways and aprons, warehouse and factory floors, high abrasion and impact zones

High Performance Concrete

Incorporates Microsilica / PFA / GGBS as binary or tertiary blends
Very low permeability
Increased resistance to chloride attack
Improves sulphate attack, reduces absorption and permeability