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Neptune considers technical capability as its core competency. Engineers with relevant experience, exposure and educational qualifications are leading the technical department. Neptune Technical Team is committed to R&D in concrete technology. Services of renowned concrete technologists are availed regularly for better knowledge creation.

Quality Assurance
All ingredients are thoroughly tested for its quality and physical properties in well equipped laboratories of the respective plants. It ensures that each and every batch of concrete coming out of the plant exceeds the requirements of the clients and also quality standards as per IS code. Usage of consistent quality cement, compatible admixture and correct water cement ratio ensures dense and durable concrete.
Neptune purchases cement, admixtures and aggregates from trusted sources. These materials are approved only after rigorous testing, which minimizes variability in quality and ensures more consistent concrete. Samples of all incoming raw materials are checked by QC personnel.
Quality Control systems monitor every stage of production and enable the company to achieve highest targets in quality and consistency.

Neptune is a professionally managed, company with adequate systems and procedures to ensure quality at all levels of operation. It has full-fledged testing laboratories to monitor product quality.
The Quality assurance systems and procedures implemented by Neptune Readymix Concrete monitors every stage of the entire business process. Right from the processing of order, purchase/control of materials and concrete mix design to production, sales, delivery and control of concrete.
The quality system is periodically reviewed for improvement on a continual basis.
Compressive strength of concrete: Cubes are cast at the plant as well as at the site. Customer can therefore ascertain that the concrete he receives at his site has the designed strength.
Durability: Scientifically designed mixes to ensure better durability of the structures.
Workability: Slump is tested immediately after the production and at the time of pour. Required slump is ensured.
Test Certificates are issued regularly for testing of concrete.

Neptune’s success has been the result of its commitment to total customer satisfaction. It understands the need for the timely delivery of a quality product, and is dedicated to meet the customer’s requirements. With three strategically located plants, a state-of-the-art batching and delivery system, Neptune is uniquely positioned to make your project a total success.
Neptune constantly endeavors to minimize the delays and thereby causing less of inconvenience to its customers.
Neptune conducts regular training programs and seminars by renowned experts for various fields for both the internal and external customers on a regular basis so as to propagate the best construction practices and also update the customers on the recent developments in the Readymix Concrete Industry.
Neptune is always striving to perform and deliver the customer an outstanding experience. The highlights of its Service Capability are given below.

Strategically located Batching Plants.
Large fleet of Transit Mixers with the capacity to expand at will
Sufficient concrete Pumps and well trained pumping team
On time and prompt Delivery of concrete
Right people at right places to monitor the complete operations effectively and smoothly on a real time basis.
Excellent Customer Support before, during and after the concreting.
Effective communication system between customers and the Company.
Better site management practices during operations at site
Educating the customer on the pre pour and post pour –to dos by handing over pour guidelines.
Daily teleconferencing meeting of the top management to review the pour track record and punctuality.
Complaint Policy in place to handle any customer complaints thereby ensuring Customer Delight. Neptune employs a qualified and experienced Engineer as Customer Support Manager exclusively to handle this function.