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About Us

Neptune Readymix Concrete Pvt. Ltd., has been established as the first Readymix Concrete manufacturing company in Cochin in the year 2003. During the last ten years it has been successful in promoting the concept of ready mixed concrete in the construction industry.
By taking the first-mover advantage, Neptune was able to record an amazing rate of growth all through last seven years and is expected to maintain the same level of growth during the coming years.
Neptune was acquired by RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd in 2006 April as a part of its expansion plan. Neptune is now managed by a team of competent professionals and is the market leader by a wide margin.
RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Limited is the largest stand alone Readymix Concrete company in India and the fifth largest in terms of volumes. The company was established in 1993 by Unitech Constructions Ltd along with RDC Concrete Singapore. It pioneered the concept of Readymix Concrete in India. Subsequently, RDC Singapore acquired majority stake in the company. True North, acquired 100% equity stake in RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Limited in 2005 and thereby obtained management control of the Company.